Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dennis Thorne will be Back, with a Vengeance!

Working Title: Atlas Triumphant
Alternate Titles: Atlas Reborn 2, Atlas: The Next Crusade, Atlas Reborn II: Savior Instincts, Savior Vs Nemesis, Atlas: Ruler of the Skies


Three-and-a-half years after sa
ving New Eden from total annihilation, Atlas fears the return of an old enemy. This adversary is a nightmare from the past capable of manipulating the world's future like an expert chess player. Dennis Thorne's personal problems have quadrupled. Old relationships take ugly turns, as his love interest goes farther away. Now begins a race for power. May the best man or woman win.

The theme and characters were established in Atlas Reborn. Atlas makes a statement, but will the world take it in the right sense? Dennis Thorne will have more challenges while maintaining his dual life. Isn't it time for him to settle down? What turn will his friendship with Donna-Jaye Warner take? Where will destiny take them? Here is a sneak peek into the second chapter in Atlas' life:

This will be dar
ker than the first one. I intend to expand the writing canvas in Atlas Reborn II. Other cities will be explored. There will be a world beyond New Eden that needs Atlas' attention. Consumed by technology and financial surplus, innocent civilians will become arrogant. Therefore, the odds against Atlas / Dennis Thorne are staggering.


Atlas / Dennis Thorne - Researcher, Media Relations Team, Darwinopolis

Ruth Thorne - Retired General, Solar Guardians

Dr. Davidson – CEO, Darwinopolis

Agent Stewart - Solar Guardian agent

Michiko Sachio - Head, Media Relations Team, Darwinopolis

Dr. Frank Greene - Social worker, Thorne Ministry

Capt. Alvin Hunter - Solar Guardian

Frederick Warden - Spin doctor

Joshua Phoenix - Vigilante

Paraphrased Texts from Various Contexts

1. This is a quote from a conversation between Dennis Thorne and Ruth Thorne on questions of his immortality.

Dennis Thorne: "This is the twenty-second century. I may live to the twenty-third, or if I push it, the twenty-fourth. But to live for a millennium? That's stretching things too far."

2. Dennis Thorne meets Dr. Davidson after a party.

Dr. Davidson: "I know everything about you, Thorne. You are an open book to me."

3. Ruth assures her son that he should not be downhearted.

Ruth Thorne: "Even though you are Atlas, you will always remain Dennis Thorne."

4. When Dennis is faced with a difficult choice, his cousin makes a statement.

Dr. Frank Greene: "Destiny never takes our permission."

5. Michiko Sachio and Dennis debate on the morally ambiguous times.

Michiko Sachio: "Be grounded, for once!"

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