Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Chains of Silence

The radio play – inspired by P. Sainath’s exemplary work in development journalism – was penned because beyond the glamorous side of mainstream media, the menacing world of beggary is thriving and needs to be given a spotlight.

Who is Dennis Thorne?

I am Dennis Thorne, a man who never had the luxury of choosing my path. If I did, I would have ruled the world by now. For those of you who have no clue about me, I’ll tell you an unbelievable story.

I was born in New Eden City, United New Eden Commonwealth. To elaborate on my country’s history would mean writing volumes on the two Water Wars and the reason why New Eden was built. Then I would have to talk about the two races of scientists rivaling each other to prove something to the world. One person begged to differ: my father. Before I was born, he was taken away from me.

When I grew up, I had only a few friends. I became popular after acting in a play called ‘Robin Hood: Tales From Sherwood’. But what altered my course of life was my best friend Patrick, Patrick Roger Joaquin. He was a transmit addict, which was why he fell prey to a terrorist syndicate called Terrortech. We crossed paths with a smuggler… I met with an accident because of that.

I had fallen into a coma, and there was no way to save me. My mother and a family friend used the SUPERMAN technology on me… Thus, I became a hybrid human. I thought of using my powers to bail my friend out. Instead, my attack on Terrortech led to the loss of many innocent lives, including poor Patrick. Out of guilt, I decided to be more careful… my mother taught me how to use my abilities wisely. I started a private war on transmit smuggling and traveled a lot for this purpose. My mother guided me throughout my life.

There is something I haven’t told you about my past. Yes, all of you know what happened when I was twelve, and thirty. But there were eighteen dark years in between that really made a difference in my life. Now, follow me as I take you deeper into my life story.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Graphic Novel Review

Review Subjects:

Artwork / Themes / Cultural Impact / Cross-media Relationships

List of Reviews:

DC Comics - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns | Superman: The Dark Side | Batman: Hush | Batman: Bane of the Demon | Superman: The Man of Steel | Superman Returns: The Prequels | Catwoman: When in Rome | Superman: Y2K | The Batman Chronicles | The Long Halloween | The Sandman (Vertigo) | Green Lantern | Batman: Hong Kong

Marvel Comics - Wolverine: The Hunted | Tomb of Dracula | Iron Man

Others - Manga Bible | Flight, Volume Two | The Trigan Empire | Ben 10: Washington B.C. | Conan: When a God Lives | Wall-E | Nancy Drew | Archie | ABC Warriors | Daredevil | Alice in Wonderland | Mad Man's Drum