Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On a Personal Note

There are three stages at which letters are written in Atlas Reborn. They are: -

1) The Innocent Phase

2) The Challenging Phase

3) The Justification Phase

The heroine of Robin Hood: Tales From Sherwood sends her co-actor a ‘get well’ note:

My dearest Robin Hood,

I heard about the accident. Please take care of yourself. I am out of town for a couple of weeks. There is an important errand to attend to, but I will come back soon. Will meet you as soon as I get back.

If possible, keep in touch.

Yours lovingly,

Maid Marian

This is Dr. Luke Ferguson’s letter to Solar Guardian Captain Jeremy West:

Dear Jerry,

You thought you could get me. No, West. It’s just like the old days. I was always better than all of you, though the SG did not think so. I’ll prove it to you, again, and again. Do keep in touch. Social calls like these keep us in a strong bond. Looking forward to more encounters, until next time,

Your pal till hell freezes over,

Dr. Lucifer

Here is Atlas requesting for air time to announce his stance:

Dear Sir,

I express my gratitude for the wonderful media coverage. However, there are bound to be misconceptions developed by people about me. So, I request you to kindly give me some time on air to clear them. If you do so, please announce the time on air. I will be there.

Warm regards,


The final level is The Resolution Phase, which will not be revealed here.

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